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Ahura Z offers specialized training to individuals and groups both privately and publicly through his school, Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. There are a variety of options for learning, whether with regular intensive classes, counseling sessions or brief consultations. Distance learning is not a problem as sessions are conducted with online video conferencing using Skype.

If you are serious about learning please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation with Ahura Z.

Fees do apply for specialized training. This will be discussed at the time of your appointment.

Ask The Unicorn – “Paranormal Investigator vs. Psychic Policeman”

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Ahura Z addresses the difference between a paranormal investigator and a “psychic policeman”.

Article featuring Ahura Z. in the Bangor Daily News

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Paranormal Fair brings 2,500 to Prospect

by Heather Steeves

PROSPECT, Maine — Psychics, exorcists, healers and about 2,500 people curious about the paranormal gathered at Fort Knox this weekend to discuss UFOs, past lives, ghost hunting and more at the Paranormal and Psychic Faire.

The event aimed to bring in lots of different people in hopes they would come back to the historic site, according to Leon Seymour, the executive director of Friends of Fort Knox.

Fort Knox, Seymour said, has had some reports of paranormal activity. Employees report having seen soldier ghosts and misty waves and having heard voices, according to a ghost hunting team that has investigated the fort.

The keynote speaker in the fair’s lecture series was an exorcist from Westbrook. Ahura Z. Diliiza spoke to about 60 people Saturday afternoon about his job as a psychic policeman and how he protects his soul from evil invaders. Read More »

Ahura Z to speak on Exorcism at Fort Knox

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Ahura Z Diliiza, owner/founder of the Unicorn Rangers Psychic Police Department has been invited to speak on the subject of exorcism at the Paranormal/Psychic Faire at Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine on Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1.  The event, put on by the Friends of Fort Knox also features psychics, ghost hunters, UFOologists and many vendors.  Ahura Z will be speaking on the topic of exorcism from 1:00-2:00 in the afternoon on both days.  He will also be available throughout the duration of the faire to talk with fairegoers and answer questions.  If you have ever wondered about exorcism or have some questions of your own come by the faire and take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from a true exorcist.

Ahura Z. Diliiza is a telepath, Psychic Policeman and trained metaphysician, specializing in psychic self-defense. He has been helping people all over the country and throughout the world for over 20 years to protect themselves and improve their lives. Ahura Z. owns and operates his own school, Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics, where he teaches people how to develop their gifts and evolve. Through the school he also heads the Unicorn Rangers Psychic Police Department where he leads a team of his own students whom he has trained to assist him in paranormal investigations, curse removals, exorcisms and a wide range of other services.