Psychic Police are those who’s job it is to police the psychic and physical realms (this is a charge given by the Universe, and has nothing to do with involvement in traditional law enforcement). They are trained and equipped to deal with expelling negativity and darkness and, as a result, their very energy can dispel evil. The mere presence of such an individual gives a sense of peace and safety. It is their job to psionically defend others and teach them to physically and psychically defend themselves.

The Unicorn Rangers Psychic Police Department is headed by Ahura Z. Diliiza, telepath, metaphysician and Psychic Policeman. Ahura has decades of experience dealing with extreme hauntings and has performed countless exorcisms and cleanings in his profession. He owns and operates Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics currently in Standish, Maine, and has been educating students in the metaphysical arts and divine sciences for over 30 years. Ahura Z has helped people all over the world to rid their lives of negativity, protect themselves psychically and restore the sanctity of their homes (for more about Ahura Z visit ).

It is the mission and purpose of the Psychic Police to:
  • Seek out and eradicate negative thought forms.
  • Break negative or errant magic and to “seal” the perpetrator of the spell.
  • Exorcise negative or malicious non-tangible entities and spirits.
  • Sever and seal unwanted astral links.
  • Banish and eradicate negative spells, enchantments, curses, crosses, prayers, incantations and dependencies mentally, physically, astrally and etherically.
  • Intercede on behalf of the person being psychically attacked and to defend them, eradicate the attack and render the victim’s energy unreadable to the attacker (while energetically “unplugging” the attacker so that they can do no harm to themselves or others).
  • Investigate reported paranormal events and determine whether they are legitimate or fraud, and to find the truth and cure the symptom.
  • Get rid of the Nightmare.
  • Cancel or eradicate vampirism and vampiric connections.
  • Defend the sanctity of free will!

Unicorn Rangers Psychic Police Department is not affiliated with any city, state or federal law enforcement agency. However, we are willing to offer our services to any of these agencies when needed.