Ahura Z offers specialized training to individuals and groups through his school, Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. There are a variety of options for learning including private classes, group intensives, lectures, counseling sessions or brief consultations. Distance is not a problem as sessions can be conducted face-to-face using Skype video.

Skill enhancement for paranormal investigators

Ahura Z offers private classes, group classes and intensives for individuals and paranormal investigation teams looking to enhance their skills and individual abilities.

Learn how to keep yourself and your team safe while on an investigation.
Learn how to develop your own intuition and perception to enhance your craft.
Learn how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation by recognizing the signs beforehand.

Sessions can be held at his school in Westbrook, Maine, online using Skype video or possibly at your location (intensives and lectures only). Ahura Z can also conduct directed investigations in the field where he will show you the best spots to get your readings and explain what (or who) is in the area. Pricing and availability will vary, contact us to speak with Ahura Z directly about your group’s needs.

“As Case Manager for Maine Paranormal Society, I invited Z to come meet with the team and give the investigators advice on preventing spirit from following us home after an investigation. Not only did he do this, he read each investigator accurately. He advised in a gentle, nurturing way while still being honest about the situation each investigator was in.

“We hope to have Z back on a regular basis. Investigators found him informative and felt they could “listen to him all night”. He gave us alot to think about individually, alot to talk about as a team and even pushed some boundaries. Exactly what we need to jump start a new year of investigating.

“Thank you Z, we see your service and sacrifice to others and appreciate your efforts.”

Psychic Police Training

Learn psychic protection and defense, curse removal, spell-breaking, energy cleaning and negative entity removal. Z will teach you to do what he does.  Classes are private and conducted one-on-one via Skype video. Prospective students must show a natural predilection to Psychic Policework, be disciplined and serious about helping people and committed to long-term training.

If you are ready and serious about training please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation with Ahura Z and to discuss fees and payment schedule.