If you are experiencing paranormal activity that is disturbing, frightening or even harmful to you or your family, you need someone with the authority and experience to make it go away. You know what you’re experiencing. You don’t need cameras and fancy gadgets to prove it. You want it to stop, and that’s where we can help.

The Unicorn Rangers Psychic Police Department is not a paranormal society nor it is affiliated with any (though our expertise is sometimes called upon by other agencies to handle situations for situations they cannot handle). It is an extension of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics, owned and operated by Ahura Z. Diliiza; telepath, paranormal expert and Psychic Policeman. Unlike traditional paranormal investigators, we are able to completely remove malevolent entities from your home.

Our job is not to help you live with your fear. Our job is to GET RID of that which is causing your fear, and teach you how to protect yourself.

We make the nightmare go away.



In addition to our regular services we offer seminars and training sessions to law enforcement agencies, and are willing to offer our services whenever advice on the paranormal is needed.

We also offer consultation and specialized training for those interested in furthering their abilities as paranormal investigators.  Ahura Z is frequently contacted by paranormal investigation groups to remove dark entities and for assistance in other tough situations. If you or your client needs help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s our job!