Ahura Z’s job is to clean your home, get rid of any negative entities and teach you to protect yourself. When he cleans a place, it stays clean. However, once a cleaning has been performed it is the responsibility of the homeowner and all other occupants to maintain the sanctity of the home and not invite negativity back in.

Everyone living in the home must be present at the time of the investigation and subsequent cleaning and all occupants must be in agreement about maintaining the sanctity of the home (any occupants in disagreement have the potential to provide a doorway for energies–and even entities–to return, and for that we cannot be held accountable).

In order to prevent re-contamination of your home after a cleaning there are certain conditions that the home owner and all other occupants must adhere to:

  • Do not allow anyone into your home who does not have your best intentions in mind or cannot abide by your rules for maintaining the sanctity of your home (this includes family members)
  • Do not bring any items into your home of questionable origin, or that were created by or otherwise obtained from someone with bad intentions or negative energy (including–but not limited to–artwork, crafts, furniture, thrift shop and secondhand items, hand-me-downs and family heirlooms)
  • Do not accept gifts of unknown origin or from someone who may not have your best intentions in mind (this includes family members)
  • Do not bring cultural artifacts into your home that you are not absolutely sure of their origin, creation and purpose (ritual items, masks, renderings, statues, etc)
  • Do not let anyone bring in or spread negativity in your home (including family members)
  • Do not allow discord in your home, from occupants or guests
  • Do not use Ouija boards or allow one in your home–EVER

By asking Ahura Z to clean your home you are agreeing to abide by the above conditions.

All donations for services rendered are final and non-refundable. We will not be held responsible for the actions of occupants after the cleaning has been completed.

All donations for services rendered are final and non-refundable. We will not be held responsible for recontamination due to actions of occupants including (but not limited to):

    refusal to follow instructions given by the investigator before, during or after the cleaning
    refusal to dispose of any item deemed dangerous or unhealthy by the investigator
    occupants not being forthcoming with information pertinent to the initial investigation
    occupants not abiding by any of the aforementioned conditions

If you fear recontamination from other members of your household or would otherwise like to learn how to better protect yourself and those close to you, Ahura teaches private classes for a set fee. Click here for more information.